Our Response to Covid-19

Modified Service Schedule

We are meeting on Sundays at 10AM. However, we are following an abbreviated format, and have social distancing and other provisions in place to try to help protect those who worship with us from the virus should it be brought into our facility.

We are not ready to re-institute our public Midweek Ministries.  Our Mid-Week services will continue via a video conferencing platform.  If you are interested in participating with these, please contact us.

Please be aware that we are limited in terms of the number of people we can admit.  We have separated our auditorium chairs to permit social distancing between household groups.  At a certain point we may redirect attenders to one of our overflow areas, which are also set-up for social distancing between households.


  1. Please do not come if you have any of the common Covid-19 symptoms.  However, we do realize and understand that some may have chronic conditions (e.g. cough, or allergies) with similar symptoms.  You know who you are and are certainly welcome to come.
  2. We are asking everyone to please bring and wear a mask when entering the building, while moving around, and when singing.
  3. Please maintain six feet of social distancing space apart from others.  Markers have been put on the hallway floor to remind each of us of how far apart six feet distances are.
  4. The church building has been cleaned and disinfected.  It is our plan for commonly touched surfaces (e.g. door handles, push plates, bathroom faucet handles, etc.) to be disinfected before each service.
  5. The seating arrangement in the auditorium has been changed to provide six feet of social distancing between groups of chairs (that is, the chair groups are for people from the same household).
  6. Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer often.
  7. Depending on the weather, the windows may be open and fans may be used to facilitate allowing the air to change in the auditorium.
  8. Those of us who are leading the service will not be wearing masks while leading, however we will when we sing or move around.
  9. If you are concerned about your particular vulnerability and risk, please don’t come.
  10. Please follow our instructions to use the overflow rooms if we ask you to move there.

Pastor Bruce